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Flag of Centralia
Administrative data
Complete name Republic of Centralia
Official language English, Latin
Capital city Capitalia
Government Democratic Republic
President of Republic Vacant
Independence 20th February 2019
Continent Regiony
Borders Arabstan , Fiorkistan , Railtardia , Quozia
Timezone UTC

Centralia, officially Republic of Centralia, is a sovreign state of Regiony situated in the center of the world. The state borders Quozia on the north, Railtardia on the south and Arabstan and Fiorkistan on the east.

The capital city is Capitalia, there are 2 official languages: English and Latin, the inhabitants are called "Centralians".

Physical geography


The state of Centralia is located in the center of the world, containing the 0 0 point in the town of Nexus.

The territory in the south is mainly flat, with the big plains of Capitalia, Sidocea, Kentucky City 2 and Litora. The southernmost region is mountainous due to the proximity with Railtardia. The west coast is mainly mountainous with the exception of the plain of New Lille.

The northen-west part is mainly Taiga, with a big forest bordering Quozia. There is almost a mountain chain separating the North of Centralia with the, more populated South. The only exception to this is the plain of Kentucky City 2.

The northen-east part is mainly Tundra, with big snow plains. This biome has one of the Ice Plain Spikes. Interestingly, there is a small mountain chain that perfectly replicated the border between Centralia and Arabstand. Separating the snow biome of Centralia with the desert biome of Arabstan.

Centralia has coast on various ocean and lakes. Particulary, the Anglate-inner-ocean shared with Arabstan. The only big lake in the country is the Skoda lake.


The climate in the South is generally mild with hot summers and mild winters. In the North the climate is generally more cold, with mild summers and cold winters.


Nationalities and minorities

The population is mainly composed by Centralians (89%). There is a big minority of Railtardians living in the special autonomous region of Falesie.


The official languages of Centralia are English and Latin. Both are known by the majority of population and used. Official documents are redacted in both languages. English is slightly more known with 96% of the population that can speak it (With Latin being known by the 84% of the population). This is because while Latin is still used commonly in the North and villages, in the big cities of the South English is more used. The majority of Railtardians living in the country doesn't study Latin.


Paganism is the top religion, followed by Atheism and Notchism.



The country is divided into Regions:

  • Capitalia (CP)
  • Falesie* (FA)
  • Generanda (GE)
  • Kentucky City II (KT)
  • Nattesia (NA)
  • NewLille (NW)
  • Regen (RE)
  • Sextualia (SE)

Falesie is a special region with autonomy